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WonderfulLifeFarm by taintedwheat & JinxieWinxie
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  • to open and close the map terrain menu
  • to download a picture of your island
  • to save a url to link to your island and share it
  • E to easily select Eraser tool, press again to restore last tool
  • S to easily select Hand tool, press again to restore last tool
  • Esc, Del or fn+Backspace discards picked up building/structure
  • Hold , Ctrl or Shift when placing buildings/structure to "duplicate" it.
  • If you need to scroll the editor and can't see the horizontal scrollbar, use middle mouse button

Facebook group
Reddit: /u/adamantarticuno
GitHub: @GitHub

1. What is this?
This is an Animal Crossing New Horizons interactive island planner
2. How does save work?
When you press save, your island is saved and reloaded. You can then use the url to link to your island and share it!
4. Not working? Having any issues?
Feel free to contact me over email, reddit or facebook with any issues or feedback :)

Planimal Crossing by Kristin Murray (/u/adamantarticuno)
Based on Stardew Valley planner by Henrik Peinar (/u/hpeinar)
Game sprites and models from Spriters Resource and Nintendo Direct
Animal Crossing by Nintendo